Modeling Stability of Organic Phosphorescent Light Emitting Diodes

Last meeting in Eindohven

On May 14th and 15th the final meeting of the Mostophos project took place in the beautiful Eindhoven. We have discussed the progress made since the beginning of our adventure, and the next steps to be taken in the study of Oled technology, which can concretely contribute to the improvement of everyday life. Mostophos has [...]

Dr. Denis Andrienko, coordinator of M...

Dr. Denis Andrienko, coordinator of Mostophos, interviewed by EU Research, the World leader magazine open access publication for scientific research and dissemination, on the role of inorganic electronic devices in contemporary social challenges! [...]

Mostophos meeting in Bruchsal

Meeting in Bruchsal with the cynora GmbH team, the latest arrival of the Mostophos family. Many interesting ideas and new activities to bring forward [...]

Mostophos and Extmos joint event in G...

The workshop “Multiscale Modelling of Organic Semiconductors: From Elementary Processes to Devices”, organized by researchers involved in the Mostophos and Extmos project, has taken place from Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 September in Grenoble, France. The workshop constituted a significant opportunity for meeting and discussing the potential of organic materials, especially in the development of [...]

Mostophos Workshop and Summer School ...

A CECAM workshop will be organized from 12th to 15th September in Grenoble, France, on “Multiscale modelling of organic semiconductors: from elementary processes to devices”. The workshop is organized by researchers involved in the Mostophos and in the Extmos projects. For more information and applications, please refer to the workshop website. Moreover, the Summer School [...]

Meeting in Mainz

The charming atmosphere of Mainz around Christmas hosted the 3rd Mostophos meeting, held on the occasion of the 18th month of activity. The meeting represented a significant opportunity for the research network to discuss the status of the project and plan future activities. The meeting also allowed us to welcome the new Mostophos partners: Fluxim [...]